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Make the name of the initial Bundle creator avaiable

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Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago
On the summary page of a bundle we would like to see who initially created the bundle.


Application Management
  • I'd like to see also the date of the last change to a bundle.
  • In ZENworks 4, we could see who created the bundle and who last edited it. This was one of the first things I noticed that was missing when we migrated from Zfd 4 to ZCM 11.
  • Yes, but after a specific time, it's not available anymore. Because the audit log has a specific amount of time to keep the data available.
  • This is an good idea, but we require a little more info than just created by. Also, what happens when that administrator leaves? We ended up developing a bundle template (which we copy from) which has administrator notes that are standarized as seen at the bottom. Along with the below admin notes, we also have customized "pompt user" templates for notification of installation and completion. Not sure if anyone else is doing it this way, but it has been a massive time saver for us since we have over 1,000 bundles and has helped us standardize/document all bundles. -Sample- --------------- Created By: Administrator Dude Created Date: 5/15/2015 ************************** Licensing Info: Type: Workstation Assigned Work Order: XXXXX Dependencies: Core Build Complete Install Notes: MSI Install with MST configured to remove desktop Icon.
  • Don't you see this in the audit log? Or would you like to link this data to summary page?