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Report on Devices with Settings overrides

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
When developing or troubleshooting, one may choose to override a setting(s) for a device, but sometimes (too often) one may forget to reset the settings back to global. I'd like a way to find/view all devices that have any settings overrides within ZCC.


ZENworks Control Center
  • An integration for this in ZCC would be very helpful. Or through a report in ZRS.
  • Done this too many times when testing using system variables or installing agent components. Here is a db script to run for Overrides until this enhancement is integrated into the ZCC. This is for the internal sybase and syntax should be modified for your db. SELECT zzo.Name as "Device", zzo.Path, zss.Name as "Setting", zss.ModifiedTime, zss.Data from zSystemSetting zss INNER JOIN zZENObject zzo ON zzo.zuid=zss.objectuid WHERE zss.ObjectUID IN (select ZUID from zDevice) OR zss.ObjectUID IN (select ZUID from zFolder) AND zzo.Path NOT like '%/~bundles~%' ORDER BY zzo.Name
  • Yes, this happens to all of us, it would be very helpful indeed.