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Show all installed bundles on a Workstation

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Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago
Bundles can be installed via user or workation assignment. Also with ENGL Imaging bundles are installed during imagingprocess. When I use "zac bl -all" I can only see the bundles which are associated to the logged in user and the workstation. I need a command or possibility in zcc to view ALL bundles which where installed on a workstation no matter which user has installed them and if they are still associated or not. Would be also nice with date and time stamp of Installation and bundle version.

Add a new zcc command which puts out all ever installed bundles or/and create a new infopage in workstation section to show all bundles in zcc.

Customers can then exactly control which zcm bundles are/were installed on workstations. Bundles also change so it is neccessary which bundles where installed on a workstation when an error occurs.