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show bundle status longer and in which step error occurs

Status : Delivered
over 5 years ago
If a ZCM action of a bundle is running, its status is shown in a window, that can be opened at the ZENWorks notification icon.
If you are troubleshooting some actions its often hard to notice if there's an error or not, or in which step (for eg. "Step 7 of 12") the error occurs, which leads to an abort.
Because status of the bundles are deleted after a while and the status is showing simply "error occured" not "error occured on action 7".

Is it possible to make the bundle status last longer in the status overview, or even show in which step, an error occurs if it does so?
Or maybee there will be an option to configure how long it last?

Aditionally maybee it's possible to show the action-name in status window (at work and in error-cases) e. g. ...
7 of 12 "install msi"
8 of 12 "install msp"
9 of 12 "copy config files"