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Show Device Last Boot Time

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago
I'd like to see the boot date/time of the device displayed in the ZCC which is good to know in general for troubleshooting and also if patches were recently applied that required a reboot. This should display in the inventory data as well as on the device's Patches tab next to the "Last PS time".
  • True, it is captured in inventory and reported in ZRS (Inventory > Software and Hardware Information > Software Specific Attributes > Operating Systems > Boot Time) but we only scan once a week currently so it can be stale data. Since we have currently scheduled our CDF to be daily, we could create an ADF to capture the data using a custom script to populate a reg key so that the data is more current. Ideally, the agent device registration event could upload that bit of info so it is more real-time and that would be nice. FYI, I was also able to find it in the nc_operatingsystem.boottime field if you can run manual queries.

  • Apparently it's captured in inventory but can only be exposed using ZENworks Reporting...
  • I currently get around this issue by running a PowerShell script that posts the Days Hours Minutes the system has been online and have Inventory post the results. Works for most clients on my Zone but requires a manual refresh of inv cdf which is part of my bundle process. It would be nice to see as part of the reported default.