Idea ID: 2870211

stop/terminate bundle installation

Status : New Idea

there should be an way to stop/terminate a bundle installation or a bundle start.

And this should be configurable in the bundle.

sometimes bundle actions go wrong.

at the moment you have to reboot the device to stop zenworks installing the bundle.


Application Management
ZENworks Control Center
  • Feature already exists.  If the bundle should continue or fail when an action fails can be defined at each action.  The failure conditions are also there.

    However, each individual action once started is likely no in ZCM's control.

    Imaging one had 10 page PowerShell Script and an error took place on page 5 of your script.  To keep the rest of the pages of the script running, would need to be handled in script since ZCM is not in control at that point.

    I would suggest opening an SR to have an engineer help you with bundle design.