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Support for App-V packages in ZCM

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Hi Team,

Today I found that Microsoft changed the way of how they distributes MS Office in Enterprise environment: since 2019 and for any newer version of Office they wouldn't provide the good-old MSI package, they recommend to use Office Deployment Tool (ODT) instead to customize the set of settings to be used when installing Office (for instance: where to get the source files for installation, the company name etc.), then you have to use special version of setup.exe to install it using XML you get as a result of ODT run...

The bad thing there is that you can't get an MSI even with this special version of setup.exe (I said 'special version' because there is another setup.exe in Retail Image which you can download from MS site: this version just doesn't support any switches and install all components of Office. They call this way of getting Office "Click-To-Run" (C2R)), there is a switch /packager, you can get packed version of Office to be installed but this will be an App-V version of package, not the MSI one. I'm not a real expert in MS technologies but thanks to Google I got that to get it running (I mean: App-V package) you have to use special server (the App-V server) in your environment...

There is  third way of installing Office (1: ODT, 2: Retail Image): use tools like AdminStudion to get MSI which seems to be quite complicated way comparing with the one when you work with ready-to-use MSI.

I think MS will move this C2R further so Office shouldn't be the only one product to be installed with C2R. Please think about implementing support of App-V packages in ZCM, Office is one of the most wanted products in almost every Enterprise environment but we have no 'easy' way to manage its deployment at the moment. Maybe there is a better way of getting Office 2019 ready for deployment - I didn't find it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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  • Sure, I undertstand that it's the optional thing to have installation source files in local cache somewhere. The idea is clear and yes, we can do Office 2019 with ZCM easily without APP-V.

    Thanks a lot, Craig!

  • actually, you don't HAVE to have a share but it may be easier.  The path can be c:\installs\office just as easily a \\share\installs\office.  In the local case, then it is necessary to pre-copy the install files local, but that is not much different than with MSIs.

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, it seems that I stuck with the idea of using thing like MSI - as MSI is the most easiest way of creating bundle (for me at least). I was trying to do 'setup.exe /download <config>', following to MS Guide this command should download installation source which may be used for later installation... As I got from your explanation the common idea looks like:

    - we need a common file network share with Office installation files on it;

    - this share should be mentioned as the value for the SourcePath in the config

    - installation will be done via 'setup.exe <config>'

    Is that correct? If yes - I'm going to be agree with you, we don't need APP-V support in ZCM then. Talking about Streaming - yes, I'm aware of MFDC, thanks for reminder.

  • There is definitely no need for APP-V for MS Office 2019.

    It is true that MS Office requires using a SETUP.exe instead of an MSI, but I'm not sure why you believe you must use an MSI for your installs.  I believe your focus on needing an MSI is causing your confusion.  There are many guides on Enterprise Deployments of Office 2019, but they all involve running SETUP.exe and referencing the proper config.xml.  If you do not have a deployment share, the deployment share can be downloaded and run different than if the installer was an MSI.

    Office 2019 has been out for over 3 years now, and I've assisted many customers deploying it with ZCM, the most common issue is customers missing settings in their configuration XMLs.

    If you prefer "Steaming Software" such as you are doing with App-V, the MicroFocus Desktop Containers Streaming server can stream virtualized software.  The "installs" can be simple MSIs such as you get now, which are nothing more than an install that creates a few icons and sets file associations so the application startup calls are made to the streaming server.   Of course, ZCM can deploy those MSIs or the MSIs from VMware or MS and their virtualized applications.