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Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness Report

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With microsofts annoucment yesterday (24th June 2021) could we get like you use to do under reports -> Upgrade Readiness one for Windows 11 please.

My concern is TPM version support so not sure if update for invetory is needed to return this as can't seem to find this on exsiting devices.




Windows Management
ZENworks Control Center
  • I am already having imaging issues with Windows 11 and ZENworks WinPE Imaging, with the injected imaging system. It will not currently take an image of windows 11, it might be an ADK issue, going to test that friday....but it dosen't feel like one.

  • I'll perhaps add here that this coming Winter Microsoft will actually launch both Windows 11, 21H2 and Windows 10, 21H2.  Build numbers for 11 will begin and Build numbers for 10 will begin  If obtaining updates natively from Microsoft, devices that meet the hardware floor requirements (currently 8th gen CPU and TPM 2.0) will be offered Windows 11, and those that don't meet that spec will continue on the Windows 10 feature release lifecycle.