BIOS change "Raind On" to "AHCI" necessary


All Dell Notebooks comes with "Raid On" as a default SATA setting in BIOS.
For PBA we have to change this setting from "Raid On" to "AHCI" on every device.
Is this work as designed? Is there an explanation for that? Maybe could you recommend to submit an idea in ideas portal to get PBA working with default "Raid On" too?

THX! ;)
  • Idea page won't help....
    An SR may....but "RAID" support out of the box is a bit more limited in Linux than Windows.
    Totally different drivers and generally custom drivers are needed for "RAID" functionality vs industry standard drivers.

    But any "Fix" for RAID would be unique Raid Chipset to Raid Chipset....

    However....Dell has tools to automate the standardization of BIOS settings across Dell devices w/o touching them manually.
    Ensuring BIOS Versions and Settings are consistent has the benefit of avoiding anomalies.

    I Started doing that when one particular BIOS Rev on one of my Dells crashed office randomly.
    Took forever to track that one down and Diag Dump analysis from MS.....
  • And ZCM can be used to push out the settings using the Dell tools....

    HP, Lenovo, and most major Hardware vendors have similar tools.