experience with FDE on Dells with Thunderbolt Dockingstation


any experiences with FDE and PBA on Dells with Thunderbolt Dockingstation "TB16"?

With some of our Notebooks (Latitude 5480 and 5580) we had to unplugg the Dockingstation in boot process with PBA (ZCM 2017 SP4 - Windows 10).

Ohterwise when Dockingstation is plugged in you log in the pba correctly, windows will start to load but in the moment when the windows-login seems to appear the screen begins to flicker on notebook-display and attached monitors (maybe a problem with the dedicated graphics-hardware in the docking station?)

I already tested all the pba-boot-options in the pba-menu (kickstart, bios, etc.) without luck :(
Workaround for now: Users have to unplug the dock, start the book, log in pba on notebook and wait until windows is started. When windows desktop comes up, user can plugin the Dockingstation.

Thanks for help.