Policy is being applied - disk not being encrpyted ?

2017 Update 1 appliance
Win 7 x64 laptop manually installed agent which registered fine

Created policy with Encrypt all local fixed volumes, only used sectors and the PBA. This installed the PBA and have rebooted when prompted (twice).

Laptop shows Policy is "being applied" (same as yesterday) and disk drive C: NTFS is not encrypted.

I switched the logging to Info level and looking through it said the system disks = 0 ???

The drive is a 256GB SSD Sandisk X400 which it detects as NOT an Opal drive. 67GB in use.

What is normal conversion rate to encrypt ?

Is there a way to check progress ?

Should I see the ERI in the console as soon as it starts ? Or only when it finishes ? There is nothing there at present.