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Default domain for PBA login

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Waiting for Votes
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over 4 years ago
In the Disk Encryption policy, I want to be able to specify a default domain so that users don't have to enter the domain the first time they log in through the PBA.


  • Correction: to get our Domain name to show up as the default selection in PBA login we only needed to have the domain name attribute set for the first user created in the policy itself.
  • Not just the first login, but every subsequent login as well. Currently the behavior for PBA is to default to local machine login, and if you are a member of a domain then you have to use the drop-down to select your domain each time you log in to PBA. We get around this for now by building a bogus domain ID that starts with a number into the encryption policy - such that the ID would be at the top of any sorted list of usernames cached into the PBA. Our domain name then shows up by default. Would be nice to be able to set a default domain value within the PBA section of the encryption policy itself.