Idea ID: 2788637

Enable temporary bypass of PBA

Status : Delivered
over 4 years ago
Having the ability to temporarily (initiated via Quick Task, an action within a bundle, a credentialed zac command, or as a pre or post patch policy enforcement action) that allows a system to bypass PBA for x number of reboots or y minutes.
Any update requiring a reboot of the remote system would benefit - think Windows Patching. If a patch cycle requires multiple reboots a device will sit at the PBA after the first restart until the user logs in the next morning. Additionally, restarting a system prior to applying patches helps to clear out any pending system restarts to minimize the risk of MSI 1603 errors, but today restarting prior to patching the system would result in patching not actually occurring until the next morning when the user is trying to log in and do work.