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real time reports on device status

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
Add feature to allow a dashboard in ZCC to see staus of devices

policy enforced drives encrpyted
policy removed
device decrypting


  • Yeah! Maybe you could use the key to show the current encryption status in ZCC(HKLM\SOFTWARE\SECUDE\SNB\FDE\EncryptionProgress\ProgressPercent)
  • Yes! Adding my vote, with a slight twist - not sure if this should be a separate Idea, so for now I'll just tag along - Not just a dashboard of x encrypted, y decrypted, but viewable as an agent attribute (as opposed to inventory) the status of encryption as of the last adaptive agent refresh: (1) Encrypted, (2) Not Encrypted, (3) Encrypting, (4) Decrypting.