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Rescue in Home Office

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over 1 year ago
I was working on a Notebook provide by my employer with windows 10 and a disk encrypted with zenworks (what i did not recognize till it was too late).
As I ususally had access to linux in my company on an other computer, resized the windows partition with windows 10 and installed a small debian. Wenn installing grub, there was a message that sector 5 was skipped because of ZISD but grub did not recognize windows. Besides the large windows partition there exists a second encrypted one with about 504 MB, wich is untouched.

It is ok that encrytion should be safe and not easily cracked by root kits etc, but I think there should be an easy way to recover mbr or gpt without loosing all data.

If this option in my case already exists, why you don't offer a download, with which one can create a rescue stick without the need of a computer with zenworks?


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