Azure and ZPM

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to use ZPM to serve Windows patching in Azure? We have a customer looking to extend their ZPM usage to also manage patching for their cloud servers. For now, we have thought of 2 ways to do this. Either the cloud servers pull patches from satellite/primary on HQ (Rip bandwidth) or host a satellite server in cloud

  • I don't see any issues with hosting a Sat Server in the Cloud.  I'm not aware of any doing that specifically nor any specific testing, but I cannot see any technical reason why it would be an issue.

    In fact, I'm a little surprised it is not more common.  Could be excellent for getting content to home devices.

    Note: There IS working going on to allow official support for placing primaries directly in the cloud.  However, I don't believe placing a SAT there would take much extra planning.

  • Hi  Thanks for the input. Looks like we need to run some trial to see if there is any 'gotcha' during agent and DAU deployment