ZCM 2020 sp1 and Linux patch management?

Has any additional documentation been developed for managing SLES or OES servers using ZCM 2020? I've kinda gotten it to work but it would be really great if there was a little more content available. We'd really like to have all of our system together in a single pane of glass.

In my opinion, the ZCM documentation site isn't as robust as it could be.




  • There are two ways to patch Linux with ZCM....

    #1 - Subscriptions which may generally be considered a more native way...

    https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020/pdfdoc/zen_cm_subscriptions/zen_cm_subscriptions.pdf  (This is part of the Base ZCM AFAIK)

    #2 - ZPM which adds some bells and whistles to the whole process. (This requires the ZPM add-on)

    What was the particular question....

  • Sorry to be so long getting back to this thread. My question is how best to use zen patch management to maintain Linux clients. 

    in the interim I’ve made made progress on pushing patch policies to Sles 12 and sles 15. I’m kinda stuck on OES. I see the subscription info and it seems like I should be able to apply those policies, so far the policies are ignored. Even when I apply a policy to a single oes host the patch policies say no systems are associated with it.  I see the discovery bundle as a potential source of the problem. 
    if anyone is maintaining OES 2018 systems with ZPM for ZCM 2020 sp1 please let me know how you made it work?


  • Verified Answer

    ZPM will not patch OES Servers.  ZCM 2020.1 will remove some of the indicators it is supported.  For OES you will most likely want to use the "Subscriptions".    I'm slightly less familiar with Subscriptions than ZPM, but I'm sure some folks could help you via an SR that are far more familiar with them than I.