zenwork patch management failed to patch a windows server 2016


i am new in zenwork patch management.

i did a configuration with windows 10 it works very good and i can update the windows from zenwork normally 

when i use it with windows server 2016 and a linux redhat server it doesn't work 

i cant see the patches needed to this servers and no patches are installed 

please can someone give me a hint of what i have to do to make it work ?

it is an urgent request and i need a quick answer 

thank you

  • Keep in the mind, the Forums are not intended to address urgent matters.  Service Requests are better for that.  They are more designed for support between users.

    That being said, I will do my best to answer your question....

    There is nothing different about patching  Windows 2016 Server versus a Windows 10 Workstation.

    #1 - Patch Scan must first run on a device to discover needed patches and report those to the server. (ZAC PS will do this manually outside of any schedule)

    #2 - If the needed patches have not yet been downloaded, it will download those patches at the next schedule update.  (Normally between Midnight and 2am but it is configurable.  An update can also be forced manually via the ZCC)

    #3 - The device needs to be told to apply the policy that contains the needed patches.  (ZAC PAP will do this manually)

    My guess is you have not run a Patch Scan on the Server AND then allowed the ZPM Server to get those patches.  (One would not want ZPM to download every patch to ever exist in advance just in case...)  This is would explain why you do not even SEE the patches .......

    For Logs See Here under Component Name: Patch Management -https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=3418069

    Since you are trying to PATCH a Windows Server, the logs most useful would be the ones listed for "Windows Workstation:" since really it should say "Client" which the Server is in this case.


  • hello craigdwilson

    thank you for your help

    what is happening that i tried to install patches with policies or by manual deployement it install the patch and then delete the file installer.

    on the server patch in zenwork portal i cant see any patches either if it is patched or not no info are commimg from the DAU and no patches have been installed.

    i want to know if there is any other steps to do it with windows server

    thank you 

  • Then you likely need to run "zac ps" on the Windows Server and run a Subscription update on the Primary a few minutes after that "zac ps" is done.....you want to give the results a few minutes to upload and process so when the Subscription update runs, it knows what the Windows server was missing.

    Other than that, you may need to look at logs...

    Reminder: By Default, "Patch Scan" would never run until you schedule it.  Most likely someone did that on the Workstation but not Server folder.


    i still have the same issue

    i cannot see the patches on the windows server 2016 that have been installed neither in the ZCC

    i made a patch policy so the patches were sent to the server but not installed

    it shows that the patch is going to be installed but after it deletes the remaining files 

    no patches are presented in the uninstall updates of windows server 2016 but in  the windows 10 we can see it 

    i want to how to fix it since it was success with windows 10 and it was very easy

    why should i have this issue with windows server 2106 

    i installed other  two windows servers 2016 and the issue is the same

  • Try manually installing the latest "Servicing Stack Update" Update for 2016 and try to apply the patch policy.

    We have seen some issues where an old "Servicing Stack" mucks up the entire works.


    But also after running "zac pap", you may want  to check Windows Event Viewers and some of the other logs.   There may be some Pre-Req missing on your servers that is not in your patch policy causing things to backup.