Feature Update to Win 10 Version 20H2 x64 2020-10 via Enablement Package for Win 10, version 2004 missing from my ZPM

I don't seem to have this in my list of available patches?

Is there some trick to making this available?

Running ZENworks 2017.4.0 appliance

  • Thanks Craig.

    They have probably missed getting one of the prerequisite updates.

    However, they do seem to upgrade to v20H2 without any issues after re-connecting to ZPM and successfully get updates to v20H2 via ZPM.

    Some have needed to have the ZEN Agent re-installed when they come back into the office after the Internet upgrade to v2004. We then run zac ps and manually push needed updates to them.

    Thanks for the clarifying links. It has helped to explain this confusing situation.

  • Are you reinstalling because ZCM Logons are failing after the Windows OS Upgrade?

    See - https://community.microfocus.com/collaboration/zenworks/w/zenworkstips/5148/windows-in-place-upgrade-may-remove-zenworks-network-providers---automated-repair

    There is a known Windows Upgrade issue were on some small percentage of upgrades it may break 3rd party credential Providers.  The link above has a bundle that will Detect and optionally automatically repair that issue.

    There was ANOTHER OS Upgrade issue where it may delete all 3rd Party Certificates.  If you upgrade from "CURRENT" Windows Media that was republished Dec 2020 or later, this will not occur.  This may be another explanation of why you had to re-install.


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  • The situation appears to be the first one. ZCM Logons are failing after the OS upgrade.

    Since we've only had 3 laptops do this so far, the uninstall and re-install was the fastest solution.

    Thanks for the info. I had seen that Tip previously, but we are not at the stage where investing the time in testing is likely to pay off.