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block patch policy inheritance

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
Need an option to block inheritance of patch policy for specific devices (like it is possible in bundle-assignments)

Have some workstations here, which still need an older firefox version. So want to block the "mozilla patch policy" (which is assignt to all workstations) for these specific devices.


Patch Policies
  • As I look back on this, I now see a fault in my comment. It would take a lot of work doing it my way if you are talking of trying to exclude a lot of devices from this policy. A new group might be the way, identifying, if possible devices that should only use the older Firefox version. Good luck.
  • I add a Filter within my Dynamic Group (create a special group) to exclude devices using Device - Host Name, Does not Contain, PC NAME (add the device name). Hope this helps and works for you as it does for me.