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Patch Policy Pre-Install Behavior Notification

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago
Patch Policy Pre-Install Notification should check if there are patches to be installed before displaying notification. It seems odd that when a patch policy pre-install notification is enabled it displays regardless if there are patches to be applied or not.

The current state is that whenever the patch policy is scheduled to be applied and/or zac pap is run, and there is a pre-install notification enabled, the notification will display before checking to see if there patches to be applied. This is not a problem for monthly patches as there is a very high chance that patches are to be applied. However, on test machines (in my case beta testing with volunteer users in production) I have the policy scheduled to run daily so patches can be released on an ad-hoc basis, which has caused the pre-install notification to display daily regardless of the need to install patches or not.