Idea ID: 2789764

re-enable quarantined patches centrally

Status : Delivered
over 4 years ago
When a patch gets quarantined due to three strikes feature, there is no way to re-enable without "touching" devices manually and removing the xml. If ZCM isn't licensed, a bundle cannot be used. So if a fix is provided in the feed or otherwise it makes it very difficult to make devices deploy the patch again. Need a central way to remove the quarantined patch from ZCC either by device, folder or zone wide.
  • This is included in the ZENworks 2017 Update 4 release (January 2019). Read about it here: Darrin VandenBos ZENworks Product Management
  • This is currently being implemented for the ZENworks 2017 Update 4 release. We are adding a zac pqr (patch quarantine release) command that can be run directly on the device. We are also adding a "Release Quarantined Patches" Quick Task in ZENworks Control Center. Both the command and the Quick Task will release any quarantined patches on the device in order to allow one more installation attempt of the patches (either through a Patch policy or a Remediation deployment). Darrin VandenBos Product Manager - ZENworks Patch Management