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Schedule and apply patch policies separately

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
When patch policies are applied to managed devices (using the distribution and/or enforcement settings or use 'zac pap' to manually patch a device) this goes for all patch policies created in PM.
So, if I created a separate patch policy for windows 7 critical updates and one for office 2010 updates and one for recommended windows 7 updates, I cannot separately apply these patch polcies to the managed device.

As an administrator I want to be able to create a schedule to apply each patch policy separately.

Jon Giffard suggested in a blog that you can use 'zac bin ' in stead of 'zac pap'.
That's one way to do it and I can see this working for servers, however you do not want this for all your managed devices. You want more control over scheduling these patch policies separately.

I also noticed patch policies are presented to the managed device as bundles. So, you could make an assignment on the relationships tab to make a distribution schedule there. However, this doesn't seem to work (when clicking OK in the screen nothing happens). Besides that, you also want to be able to enforce a reboot of the device when patches are installed and you can only do this within the Patch Policy Enforcement settings.