Idea ID: 2790865

Show Device Last Patch Applied Date

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago
In the ZCC, I'd like to see the date/time when patches were last applied to the device. This should display next to the "Last PS time" on the device's Patches tab.
  • Hi Darrin. I was initially thinking of being able to run a custom db query and also have the info exposed in ZRS. Having the last patched date/time in a specific field for the device in some table would be ideal to make that easy. I would also like it to be displayed on the Patches tab. Having it available in an Advanced Search would be great for the patch admins to use. I don't think having it in the Devices list would be necessary. Thank you. --Patrick

  • Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the follow up. When you say report/query, are you looking to do that from the Advanced Search on a Devices list page? Or some other way? Does adding the Last Patch Date as a column in the Devices list serve any purpose for you?

    Thanks. -Darrin

  • Thank you Darrin! While this is definitely a way to see the last patch date info, it isn't quite what I had in mind because it requires a few clicks to view the installed patches and is not easily scaled to checking more than a few devices by hand. I would like to see one overall field for the device for the date of the last patch installed so I can see it at a glance on the device page when I am checking a device's patch health and also be able to report/query on that field for all devices to identify devices not installing patches. Thank you! --Patrick T.

  • Starting in ZENworks 2020, the device Patches list includes an "Installed On" column that shows the date the patch was installed (if ZENworks installed it). The column can be sorted to show the most recently installed patches, effectively giving the last date that patches were applied to the device.