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Add an Mail Audit

Status : Delivered

In the latest ZSD v8.3 the Audit Trail is improved to include all emails sent for this ticket and any actions or modifications to the ticket.
Including the actions that have notes, the notes will be selectable from within the audit.

See status update history

We noticed another feature that was (quiet sure) part of some previous version.
When you have a request opened in front of you, you can follow the action on this ticket (on the bottom you have an “AUDIT TRAIL” option in the “AUDIT” part.
It would be great to have also all the mails sent for this ticket. A sort of “EMAIL TRAIL”.

This could help to verify that all requested emails have been sent to the customer or to another technicain to handle the case.


Technician Portal
  • This is a good add to the Audit trail.

    The Notes are audited but not the other activity.

    Having a search capability would ease the review of the audit also.

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager