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Availability to select a device from a list of all user related devices for remote control

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago
The customer doesn’t want to select the hardware device of the user everytime he is opening a ticket. Because of the ZENworks integration the relationship between user and his devices is already there and imported into ServiceDesk. He wants to remote control his users like he is doing it in ZENworks: Select a User – Choose remote control – window opens with the users devices – select device.

The solution in ServiceDesk would be something like a dropdown menu in the remote control pop-up window, where all his related devices appear.

With the ability to control a device remotely, with help of the relationship from ZENworks would be really time saving when opening tickets. Current workaround would be to click the customer within the ticket, go to the elements tab, click the related device, and copy the devices IP address and paste it into the remote control pop-up. This is way too much effort.


ZENworks Integration
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