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Event Archive Deletion Option To be disabled for already archived logs in Logger

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We have the event archive option in the Logger from where we can manage event archive related issues for the logger server. The event archive has an option to delete the archives which is a huge risk as  the archives can be manually deleted. We want this option to be disabled for event archives that have happened successfully. We can set event archive age to 365 days which will automatically delete the logs  after 365 days so no manual deletion  will be required in this case. We will have however need this option to delete only when the archive has failed for a particular day as part of BAU operations. Please help to achieve the balance between BAU operations and a security threat log loss in such a scenario



  • From the description, I'm not entirely sure that that you have the correct software/product. This Idea Exchange is for the Micro Focus (formerly Novell) Service Desk. Current version is 8.2.x I believe.