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Microfocus NV setup - Error 'Missing arguments

I am trying to install NV and in the the setup window getting message as 'Missing arguments' and I am unable to proceed. (Screenshot attached)

1. Downloaded trial LR 12.60

2. Installed LR. At the end of LR installation, NV installation option was greyed out.

3. I downloaded and extracted LR12.60 additional components .

4. I tried to install C:\Temp\Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.60 Community Edition\DVD\Additional Components\Network Virtualization\NVInstaller.exe

5. The setup window opens but displays message as 'Missing arguments'

Can someone please help on what could be the issue.


  • When you download the NV Installer also comes with the installers by separately (By component). you can install them based on your needs.

    What the NVInstaller.exe does is to allow you by interface to select which components you want to install.