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NV Support Customer forum discontinued. Content merged into this forum

Hi all,

Maybe you might have noticed, but we have just completed migrating the content of the Network Virtualization Support Customer Forum into this forum.

We have discontinued the Network Virtualization Support Customer Forum.

We have received feedback from members that multiple forums were confusing and didn't know where they should be posting.

By merging the forums together we want it make it easier for you to connect with other members and with the Micro Focus team.   

If you have bookmarked specific posts in the Network Virtualization Support Customer Forum then this will still be working, along with notifications set at a post or topic level. If you have set up notifications at a forum level, then you will need to do this again in this forum.

We are hoping that this change will increase the activity in the forum and encourage participation and sharing; our goal is to ultimately improve your experience and value from the on-line community.  

So we are addressing these concerns and restructuring our community to make it easier for our members.