Knowledge Document: tsjApi.dll and TRIM.SDK.dll version mismatch error due to lack of Web component in hotfix



CM 10.1 hotfix 1 (basically any hotfix package that lacks Web Client component)


Some CM hotfix packages has no Web Client Component and cause this error after users applied the hotfix and tried to go to Web Client:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micro Focus\Content Manager\MSISettings. Search path: <Drive>\Program Files\Micro Focus\Content Manager\tsjApi.dll . Error: Version mismatch between tsjApi.dll (hotfix build) and TRIM.SDK.dll (base build)


The error says it all: There's a version mismatch between tsjApi.dll (hotfix build) in TRIM Main Install Directory and TRIM.SDK.dll (base build) in Web Client Install Directory


*Note: This is simply a quick workaround while waiting for R&D to issue the official Web Client component for the hotfix

1. Take backup of TRIM.SDK.dll in CM Web Client Install directory > bin folder (below is default path) > then remove that dll from bin folder

C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Content Manager\Web Client\bin

2. Copy/Paste TRIM.SDK.dll in CM Main Install directory (default path below) to Web Client bin folder > basically we replace the original TRIM.SDK.dll with the new build

C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Content Manager

3. Go back to Web Client and the issue should be resolved now

Access document on support portal here


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