Support Tip: CM 10.1 – Introduction of Cascading Properties


From CM 10.1, users can now display properties for View Pane items that are objects. This is called Cascading Properties.

Below is the excerpt from the CM 10.1 Release Notes.

In the View pane for objects, it is now possible to include properties of the parent property on the child object’s view pane, so details of the parent object can be seen without having to navigate from the child object. For example, on records, users can include the additional properties about the container on the contained record’s view pane. Only properties that can have properties, such as objects, can have Cascading Properties applied to them in the view pane. To allow for Cascading Properties to be configured on supported property types, the User Option – User Interface - Show Cascade Properties in View Pane for Object Properties must be enabled.

For properties in the view pane that have content that is longer than two rows, there is now the ability to expand and collapse the property row to allow improved access to the content in the property row. Where appropriate, a scroll bar will also be added to the property row in the view pane.

After Cascading Properties option is enabled, you can then Setup Cascading Properties using the following steps:

  1. Open a list window e.g. perform a record search
  2. In the view pane, right-click on the property to be updated, such as Container, and click on Setup Cascade Properties.
  3. The Cascade Properties dialogue box appears. Add or remove fields to the Displayed Fields list.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.

Note: For more information on other new or enhanced features in CM 10.1, please refer to the CM 10.1 Release Notes


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