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AA 6.3 update error

I have 2 aa servers the master does not have this error when checking for updates.The second has this error

Before I connected the 2 together I was getting this error after I built the second server and updated it, after the reboot that is when I started getting this error only on the second server.I even blew it away and reinstalled it a gain updated it and still got the same error after the update were applied.

  • Hello Scott, I'm not sure if this issue is still ongoing, but if so, can you please confirm the firewall rules are open to get access to:

    nslookup from the appliance to the sites and confirm it works.

    If so, can you login to SSH session with the affected server and run this command within the SSH session

    zypper --non-interactive patch --with-interactive --auto-agree-with-licenses --no-recommends

    Note any errors or messages displayed in response to the zypper command…