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Allow for customization of labels when using TOTP

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Typically, when you enroll a device using a TOTP authenticator app like Google's or Microsoft's, after you enroll, the account shows up with the name of the application or vendor and the login ID. But with Adv. Auth. both values just show up as "Netiq", which is meaningless. Those values need to be able to be customized.


  • Thank you for the clarification, Matt. Will highlight this to the team.

  • I think it should following the: "System Name (account name)" format.

    I have dozens of TOTP entries in my Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator as well as other 3rd party auth apps and I've never once had to manually edit any of them.  Only NetIQ.

    If I look in my Google Authenticator, it's all like this:

    Google (

    Amazon (

    Dropbox (

    So I think that format is well understood and should be followed.  Microsoft's is a bit different, a two line display:

    Company Name

    I have about a dozen entries in my Microsoft Authenticator.  Each one has Company Name/Account, every single one, EXCEPT one:


  • Hi Matt
    Just to clarify on the vision for this request.

    Should the label follow the default  the System name (account name) notation or do we see the need for the user to add they own input? From a user experience perspectivem, we could get users just skipping the "input name" portion and perhaps we could do a "if label is empty then use default System name (account name) notation" but if you can clarify if that would be sufficient.

    The other aspect that comes with user input is that we might need to also add input validation and checks for "unwanted" words that could add to complexity but this is just a thought.

  • It's truly shocking that this is a still a problem all the years after I've submitted it.  It's downright embarrassing if you ask me.

  • MicroFocus/NetIQ this, and other UI wishes are asked for and voted for. I hear sales saying x%. 20-30 if I remember correctly, of the time should be devoted to consumer wishes.  This has 18 votes is top voted in tha last 30 days and is from 2018 (!). So please react.