Webinar at TTP Authentication made easy and super fast, July 17


2.45pm ‐ 3.35pm

Václav Šamša, TDP

KeyShield SSO does more than 10.000 auths per second. No doubts about that. But how do they do it? Is that really possible when nearest competition promises 8.000 auths per minute?

What advantages you have with such a fast authentication, how you can use it in your projects? Meet Vaclav & Peter who have been working together since 1995 and will answer any question you ask. 

We will touch integration with eDirectory, AD, Azure AD and general SAML IdP to demonstrate the flexibility of KeyShield SSO.

The draft agenda for the main conference can be found HERE and you may register for the Conference HERE. We are waiting on a few minor updates to the agenda and the online files will be updated as soon as we have them.


Attendance at the weekend workshops is not dependent on you attending the full conference week and these require a separate registration using this LINK.


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