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Introducing NetIQ Secure API Manager

We are pleased to announce the introduction of NetIQ Secure API Manager! Secure API Manager offers a single solution that creates, manages, secures and measures the APIs that your company uses. Working together with NetIQ Access Manager, Secure API manager provides a comprehensive access and security solution for all your web, mobile and API access requirements. Secure API Manager allows you to provide secure API access to your partners or customers, while making it easy for you to organize multiple APIs that delivers new functionality without exposing your application infrastructure behind it.

What Secure API Manager gives you:

  • API Analytics: historical access information to create audit trails and offer deeper APIs analytics to prove compliance with regulation and licensing requirements for the APIs.
  • DoS Attack Prevention: controls to limit potential DoS attacks on APIs
  • Multi-factor Authentication for API clients: prevent imposter access to sensitive information by inserting multiple or out-of-band authentication. Make authentication requirements dynamic through the risk-based access engine
  • Risk-based Access Control: define conditions where API based access poses higher risks to the business and thus requires more stringent verification and potential limitations
  • Rate Limiting and Traffic Control: API security settings to control access, limit traffic and throughput and enable zoning
  • Authentication and Authorization: configured with NetIQ Access Manager, Secure API Manager offers API authentication and policy-controlled authorization
  • API Gateway: includes a highly scalable API Gateway that provides options to secure, control, transform and manage APIs of all types. The API Gateway allows you to control traffic while enabling secure access to the APIs from anywhere
  • Single Repository to Manage all APIs: provides a single repository where you can store and manage all of the APIs you use, allowing you to deploy, control and manage API-driven ecosystems

The product flyer provides a picture of the value that Secure API Manager offers the business, while the data sheet offers specific information to individuals that may be responsible for implementing Secure API Manager. Additional information will be showing up on Secure API Manager’s product page within the next several weeks.

  • Thank you for a very encouraging message about NetIQ! I understood as API Manager acts as an authorization broker between apps and users not to touch each other directly. Is that something unique over other solutions such as IBM, CyberArk, and Centrify?

  • While security brokering is not unique, our ability to cover such a broad landscape of diverse resources under such a wide range of scenarios is. Our reverse proxy is more mature than the majority of the market, and now with Secure API Manager customers can extend their coverage to even more within the same policy engine. What that means to our customers will vary individually.