Add API Gateway to Admin Console


Original Question: Add API Gateway to Admin Console by srajamanjit

Adding a API Gateway to Access Manager Admin Console is pretty easy. Please follow the steps to do the same:

1. Install the API Gateway as per installation guide.

2. Go do Admin Console dashboard and click on the Licenses

3. Enable the Secure API Manger

Once enabled, you will see a the evaluation license details. You can upload the valid License also.

3. After step 2, you will see that a section for API Gateway appeared on the dashboard.

4. Create a certificate for API Gateway Communication using Admin Console. You can also use external certificate which is imported in Admin Console.

5. Go to dashboard and Click on the API Gateway

6. Create a new API Gateway Cluster

7. Create a new Gateway (click New)

Configure the form and select the SAPIM certificate.

click Ok. You can also check the configuration using JSON objects.

8. Once the process is done, you can verify the API Gateway on dashboard

9. This deployment creates 2 Appmarks on Dashboard -> Appmarks ( subscriber and publisher)

The Roles listed in above picture are not created automatically. You need to create those Roles in Identity Provider.

10. After above steps log in to the IDP dashbaord and if the user authentication satisfies the Roles you can see the dashboard will show the options.

Use the application bookmarks to create/manage/subscribe the APIs.

Note: Please follow the documentation


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