Enable Debug Logging at SAPIM


Original Question: Enable Debug Logging at SAPIM by srajamanjit

You can see logs on multiple places when SAPIM is integrated with NAM.

  1. Admin Console :

Logging related to SAPIM Gateway creating or any operation done at Admin Console.

Go to file /opt/netiq/common/tomcat/webapps/amsvc/WEB-INF/classes/loggin.properties

Look at the configuration with .level and set the value to FINEST.

Restart Admin Console

You can see the logs at Admin Console Catalina.out with tag “SAPIM”


  1. Identity Provider:

SAPIM interacts with IDP for API creation and to get the OAuth tokens.

Check the IDP Catalina.out for such logs.

The IDP logging level should be set as debug for OAuth and Application


  1. SAPIM Logs

SAPIM logs can be set in debug mode in 2 ways. You can see logging related to every API requests.

  • Temporary Logging:

Send a PUT request using Fiddler/Postman to https://SAPIMDNS:9443/agent/devlog

Basic Auth: Username:password

Body: all

This will set the logging in debug mode. Logs can be seen at /var/opt/novell/jetty/logs/jetty-stdout.xxx.

This is temporary log setting and it will disappear after SAPIM restart.

  •  Permanent Logging:

Ssh to SAPIM Server

Create a file :

#touch /var/opt/microfocus/sapim/agent/agent-devlog.settings

set the content of the file as all

#cat /var/opt/microfocus/sapim/agent/agent-devlog.settings


Set the permission:

#chown root:sapim /var/opt/microfocus/sapim/agent/agent-devlog.settings

Restart Jetty-Service

# systemctl restart vabase-jetty

Debug logs can be seen at folder

msingh17:/var/opt/novell/jetty/logs # ls

jetty.stderrout.out            jetty.stderrout.out.003302029  jetty.stderrout.out.004710875  jetty.stderrout.out.130716771

jetty.stderrout.out.000303713  jetty.stderrout.out.004534352  jetty.stderrout.out.020100138

jetty.stderrout.out.003237085  jetty.stderrout.out.004651000  jetty.stderrout.out.020120232



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