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Protect UserApp and SSPR with Reverse Proxy

Hello, Community!

I'm running a scenario for a client where the clients needs to protect Identity Applications, Such as User Application Portal and SSPR with NAM. The idea is to use reverse proxy to protect the applications and force user to login throuht NAM.

I have configured IDS and AG with the basic configuration (created the clusters and imported the certs).

After that, I created a Reverse Proxy in AG that contains both OSP and SSPR DNS address. By the way, OSP is installed in same server as UserApp portal while SSPR and RPT are in separated servers, each.

As shown in above image, I have protected the path /* for OSP and SSPR main domains, using the port 8543(the one that I have installed the applications).

For Web Server Address, I have added both IP and DNS name.

Later I'll add a form fill to input users credentials in OSP login page but for now what I was expecting was that once the user tries to login in SSPR or UserApp, it should be redirected to NAM. Isn't that right?

Is any other mandatory configuration missing to archieve this result using reverse proxy?