Idea ID: 2876116

Access Manager should support RADIUS from external MFA solutions.

Status: New Idea

During integration of Azure MFA and NAM, the integration failed and we detected it is from NAM side. Was  installed 3 other free radius servers and did the integration and it worked perfectly. Knowing that we have integrated Azure MFA using same way (RADIUS) with Beyondtrust, Safeguard, Okta and other third party products and it should working fine.

When we opened the case with support, they said this is not tested before and they cannot say it is a defect because they never said it is supported. Even not agreeing with this because it is a standard RADIUS integration and Azure MFA uses PAP protocol that is standard. The reply was they don’t support every RADIUS product. Once you support RADIUS, it is standard. Anyway they said it might be a missing parameter but in order to proceed with it they want to know the value of the business opportunity (that is because they don’t want to consider it as defect). So now customer is saying if this will not work, they will use Microsoft Azure AD SSO.