Idea ID: 2780448

LetsEncrypt support (v2 API)

Status: Accepted
The acme v2 API supports wildcard certs and also allows administrators to protect their NAM resources with a free public CA. The support would be for an acme v2 API compatible client to request and renew certificates on regular basis.

This support is timely in that self signed CAs are being restricted by web browsers and this would allow anyone (with a valid DNS domain) access to public certificates for no cost. These could be for production or just for lab environments. The cost savings could potentially be huge for some NAM users.

The v1 acme API did not support wildcard certificates, but with the new v2 API wildcard certs are supported. Many NAM installs use wildcard certs to quickly deploy new proxy services, and thus would be in a great position to utilize this free service(LetsEncrypt).