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NAM 4.2 provides an end-user portal and a mobile client. Users can access this portal and get SSO to applications listed in the portal or access application URLs. When accessing applications, users often want to move seamlessly from their desktop to their mobile device without having to login again on the mobile device. This is a common need in a mobile workforce like sales and marketing people. People expect to be able to move away from their desktops and maintain uninterrupted access to their applications on their smart phones and tablets.

This Chrome extension will fulfill this need. This plugin will wrap the current application URL and user-authenticated sessions in a QRCode. Users simply scan this QRCode and continue their access on their mobile device where they left off on their desktop.


End user access protected resource. In this process a user will get authenticated to the NAM system. Once a user authenticated session is created, the user is redirected to the application.

In case a desktop user is not accessing a protected resource but accessing a public resource, for example a user accessing a news article and wants to read it on their mobile while away from the system, this extension will generate the current article URL as QRCode and the user can scan with his mobile and he will get the article on his mobile.

NAM IDP files installation steps:

  1. Download zip file and extract to temporary folder.

  • Enable Oauth2 protocol on NAM System, and create Oauth2 client. Note down the clientID and Secret.

  • Modify the oat.jsp, replace the clientID and Secret values noted in the previous step.

  • Copy JSP file to NAM IDP (NIDP) of all cluster nodes to this location “/opt/novell/nam/idp/webapps/nidp/jsp/”

  • Copy OAuthClientBroker.jar to IDP of all cluster nodes to this location “/opt/novell/nam/idp/webapps/nidp/WEB-INF/lib”

  • Restart IDP.

Chrome extension installation steps:

  1. Open Chrome browser by clicking the chrome menu icon and select Tools and extensions.

  • Download the attached Zip file and extract chrome extension “Quick session switch over to mobile.crx”. If this file is hosted on server for download, open Firefox or IE and enter URL for chrome extension download to desktop. Chrome only allows extensions to download from webstore, because of this reason it has to be downloaded from other browser.

  • Drag this downloaded extension file to the extensions window in Chrome.

  • When the dialog box appears, click Add.

    extension add

  • On successful install you should see “Desktop Session Switch Over” extension in the list.

    extension installed

  • Access NIDP or protected resource.

  • Click on plugin, it will ask for NAM IDP domain and port. For example, enter host as idp.com and port as 8443. These values are stored to extension local storage, if values are entered wrong click on clear values button and re-enter right values

    idp details

  • After NIDP domain values provided, QR code is generated. If user authentication session exists with chrome browser, it always assumes that current browser URL is protected resource and includes user authenticated session token in QRCode. If NIDP authenticated session doesn’t exists then QRCode generated with current browser web URL.



QRCode javascript library has MIT license:



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