Product Release Announcement: NetIQ Risk Service v2.0


Product Release Announcement: NetIQ Risk Service v2.0  

Micro Focus is pleased to announce the availability of NetIQ Risk Service v2. This release brings advanced levels of adaptive access management to organizations that didn’t have the specialized knowledge or resources to implement it. Through its turnkey integration with ArcSight Interset, NetIQ Risk Service significantly simplifies the adoption of user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), enabling organizations to do more than simple step-up authentication. Used together, this solution from Micro Focus raises access management to a higher level of access control intelligence.

New with this release

Included in this latest release of NetIQ Risk Service is out-of-the-box integration with ArcSight Interset. This combined solution is easy to set up and is virtually maintenance free, which distinguishes it from other user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) offerings. UEBA solutions often require a substantial investment to initially customize and configure for a specific environment, as well as continued refinement of monitored metrics as users’ habits shift. 

Notable enhancements and capabilities in this release include: 

  • Out-of-the box integration with ArcSight Interset’s cloud-based machine learning technology. 
  • Leverages more than 450 built-in unsupervised machine learning models to automatically profile matrices to measure risk.  
  • Full feature parity with NetIQ Access Manager’s risk engine. 
  • Now published as a Docker container, available through both the Docker Hub and Micro Focus Customer Center. 
  • All interactions occur through standard API’s that are published.  
  • Updated UI.     


Learn more 

Please refer to the Risk Service documentation for more information about this release as well as how it to configure it with Interset. NetIQ Access Manager customers can get v2 of the Risk Service by applying SP3 to their 4.5 environment. Advanced Authentication can upgrade to this latest release by applying SP3 to their v6.3 environment. 


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