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Early Access release: NAM Analytics Dashboard - SecureLogin Plugin

We're delighted to announce that the SecureLogin Plug-in for NetIQ Access Manager Analytics Dashboard is now available as a beta release under the Early Access program.

The integration of SecureLogin with NetIQ Access Manager's Analytics Dashboard enables visual data analytics based on SecureLogin users, applications, and workstations usage. You can use the dashboard to analyze access trends and discover more about how SecureLogin is utilized in your environment.

The Analytics Dashboard presents most of the essential events in the form of graphs, which can be viewed in different ways:

  • Real-time Data: You can get real-time data for the last seven days
  • Historic Data: You can access historic data with a time range of 6 months by default, which can be increased to 365 days

The attached documents provide more details.

The Early Access release commences on 1st October 2021 and will be available until 15th December 2021 . You will have access to the following resources as part of this program: 

  • SecureLogin Dashboard Plug-in beta release builds for evaluation and feedback
  • Documentation on how to use the plug-in
  • A dedicated discussion forum for this release's topics
  • Regular sync-up with the SecureLogin Engineering and Support teams, in which you can participate and share your feedback and issues


We look forward to your participation in this program!




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