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Parameterise adSchema.exe

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Waiting for Votes

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We are trying to fully automate our Domain installations for SSO. Until now, we were able to use the GUI and Mouse Input simulation in our Deployment upon installing a new Domain. Now we started using SCCM which does not allow a GUI to be shown and thus makes our automated install impossible unless we manually run our Script after the Installation is complete, still relying on the simulated mouse inputs. To be able to automate our installation in SCCM we would need the adScheme.exe to be parameterized.

This could be useful for a lot of large Datacenters who install/reinstall domains often by making the installation of SSO easier. Also, upon compromise of a domain the reinstallation process is quicker. In general only this way SSO is able to be installed automatically without relying on the unreliable method of simulating mouse inputs.