Close Explorer Windows


Target Platforms: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista

This is the program to automatically close all the Explorer windows. In order to test, just open few folders on your desktop and then run this tool. As soon you run this tool, all those Explorer folders will be closed.

This tool can be used with secure workstation to close all open windows when specific events occur such as network logout or lock workstation. You can configure the post policy command of secure workstation to execute this program and close all open windows.
This new updated version is designed to support Windows Vista operating system.


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Comment List
  • As a computer graphics artist that have dozens of explorer windows of different directories of reference materials opened during working, one of the chore was to close them all each time a piece is finished (short of rebooting - which I like neither). This is exactly the tool I needed. Simple, does its job, no fuss, no nagging. Just writing here to appreciate the author's efforts. Thanks a lot.