How to create Hybrid Azure AD setup


How To Create Hybrid Azure AD Setup




Purchase a domain from

For eg :

1.Creating Hybrid Azure AD Setup

Perform the following steps to create hybrid Azure AD setup:

Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Custom Domain Names to create the custom domain setup. 

2.Create AD DC with the same name of the custom domain name.  

3. Ensure that the time zone and clock time is set correctly. 

4. Create users in the AD DC. 

5. Download and Install Azure AD connect on the AD DC.

Download Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect from Official Microsoft Download Center

 6. Install Azure AD connect in the AD DC. 

7. Run the Azure AD connect configuration by authenticating as Azure AD global administrator.

Use your Azure portal AD global admin user.

For example:

8. Specify the domain to connect to Azure AD

For example:

9. Sync the users and check if the sync is correct. (Ensure the UPN of the user is matching between AD DC and Azure AD. Since the custom domain and AD DC domain are of the same name, it should automatically match)

If it does not match, rerun the Azure AD connect options.


10. Log in to the Windows client and join the domain to AD DC.

11. Check in the Azure portal “Hybrid AzureAD joined or not”. Ensure the status is not shown as pending.

12 . Connection in the client side as shown: 

This should automatically connect to hybrid Azure AD domain and gets registered. In some cases, it may take an hour for the connection to complete.

13. Enable the single sign-on options in the Azure AD connect.

14. Login to the Windows 10 client with the AD domain user and launch the following links:




Troubleshooting Hybrid Azure AD Setup

To troubleshoot creating hybrid Azure AD Setup:

In the Event Viewer, User Device Registration event logs. They are stored under Applications and Services Log > Microsoft > Windows > User Device Registration.

Refer the link for more information


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