On Demand Webinar: Customer Identity and Access Management - A Roundtable



Join us for this on-demand IAM webinar with partner Computer Integrated Services (CIS) as we discuss why organizations are adopting Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), how you can build a plan to improve CIAM based on your current status - and how CyberRes products can integrate into your plans. 

Rob Rawson
Chief Identity Access Officer

Rob is an Identity and Access Management thought leader, with decades of experience implementing CyberRes IAM solutions for small to humongous customers. Rob, and CIS, have created technologies, processes and service packages designed to compress the time to value for customers in order to more achieve successful business outcomes.

Matt Graves
Customer Identity and Privacy Strategist
CyberRes, A Micro Focus Product Line

Experienced cybersecurity leader with over three decades of industry, software development, and consulting experience. Specializing in information security, privacy, compliance, identity, operational risk, and enterprise IT infrastructure and operations. Industries including financial services, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Passionate about driving change to deliver business value and strongly believe in the purposeful, ethical use of data to digitally transform where technology improves consumer experience and where data is essential for business growth.

John Collins

John Collins possesses deep technical knowledge in identity and access management / governance. He and his team help customers build and execute strategies to realize IAM business outcomes that integrate into their digital transformation objectives.


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