Analytics Dashboard - how to view accessed applications

Hi All,

I've configured Analytics Server in a NAM Environment.

The Analytics Dashboard display accessed applications on "Access Gateway Accessed Applications"  part but only for protected resources.

How can I display applications with public access too?


Thanks in advance.


  • There are no out of the box graphs available as of now. The audit data seems to be available, so you may be able to create this in Sentinel or other SIEM dashboards.

    The next major update of Analytics Dashboard (a major update that includes a better performing, nimbler dashboard) will allow you to add graphs for public resources as well (well, it will support creating new graphs from available data)

  • Gireesh,

    Hope the new Analytics support SSPR events too as Access Manager come bundled with SSPR, so user expected the Analytics Dashboard could show SSPR graphs.



  • Yes, infact, the plan is to support both SSPR and Advanced Auth events and create OOTB graphs from them. 

    We are very excited about this updated analytics dashboard and would really appreciate recommendations on OOTB graphs that you would like to see. 

    Please consider in the lines of graphs that represent login failures and unusual location access for user followed by a password reset on the same account. 

  • Gireesh,

    I had 2 education customers who is using Access Manager/SSPR with eDirectory as the backend. It would be good if eDirectory Dashboard Graph also available

    - User Creation

    - User Modification

    - User Deletion

    - iManager login/logoff.

    Also keeping 7 days of analytics data is too short. Any possibility to increase to 30 days.



  •  , thank you.

    The eDir  & iMan data can surely made available, OOTB graphs are another thing though.

    Considering that a number of customers use AD alone of in combination with eDir,  and managed else where, wonder if this is the right place for user management graphs. NAM 5 analytics server supports creating graphs with minimal effort.

    Analytics server does save historic data.  Data storage is a problem if we want to add longer real time data. High util systems generate a lot of data..

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