Blocking/Redirecting Access to the IdP Portal

What is the best way to block or "hide" the IdP User Portal in NAM?  For years, I would simply modify the main.jsp page on the IdP and add something like the following:

if (hand.isAuthenticatedSession()) { String redirectURL = "">"; response.sendRedirect(redirectURL); }


Right after this line:


ContentHandler hand = new ContentHandler(request,response);


I believe this solution was originally given to me years ago by support.  

Recently while working on a site where I was doing a step-up contract for some protected resources I noticed that my modifications broke the execution of the step-up contract (thew an error when calling nidp.jsp from main.jsp).  Removing my modifications fixed it.  However, I still need a way to block/hide access to the IdP Portal.  What is the best way to do this now?





    Go to IDP server and open the file /opt/novell/nam/idp/webapps/nidp/WEB-INF/web.xml


    Comment the Servlet OspUIPortal as below:


    <!--    <servlet-mapping>





    Restart IDP Application.

    After this changes you can authenticate to the IDP server very well using a AG protected resource but you cannot access the IDP portal directly after authentication. User will see "404 Not Found error"


    Thanks Manjit.  This succeeds in blocking access to the IdP Portal, resulting in a 404 Not Found.  But I still need a way to redirect the user to another site if they accidentally hit the IDP URL.   



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