Formfill policy not working for Fortinet web application


We are trying to configure SSO for fortinet web application using formfill policy. We got form details as shown in below image

we have configured form fill policy using a test user and the form is accepting the values  but showing as below

show error in case of auto submit and the user name and password shows in url while click on proxy url.

For auto submit of username and password in page we need one function for GET Method page for achieving this SSO

So Request community support to have a resolution regarding function for auto submit .



  • Please consider the following when you try to enable Single Sign On.

    1. Access the form directly without NAM or as a Public Resource

    2. Capture the traffic using fiddler/f12 or any other app to see what are the values posted to webserver when form is submitted.

    3. Create a Form Fill policy to satisfy the step 2.

    In your case you are seeing the username and password in the URL because the POST method of the form is Get. In order to avoid that you can use rewriter policy to change the login form to have the method POST in place of GET.

    There are many other reason for Form Fill SSO failure. I request to create a support ticket to get faster resolution.